Hydroflow I Series

Hydroflow I Series

Two issues that are particularly problematic in the treatment of waste water are the build-up of deposits of struvite or other scaling, and the need to add expensive polymer flocculants to ensure the effectiveness of the dewatering process.

The award-winning HydroFLOW® units are designed to address both these issues in waste water from industries such as food and drink, manufacturing and sewerage. The electronic flocculation effects of the HydroFLOW® units give substantial savings in polymer use in dewatering centrifuges and belt presses, typically in excess of 15%. HydroFLOW® electronic water conditioners also offer a chemical-free alternative to attacking scale such as struvite and minimising physical interventions such as high pressure jet washing.

Installation is simple, with no system downtime, modification or draining required. HydroFLOW® units operate maintenance-free 24/7, providing maximum performance no matter the throughput.


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